Our joints are degraded with age and this leads to osteoarthritis. On the other side inflammation can attack all our joints in our body and cause rheumatoid arthritis.
In Germany around 8,5 million people are suffering from rheumatic diseases. Krill oil appears to inhibit the inflammation associated with arthritis, may alleviate some of the arthritis symptoms and could inhibit the development of arthritis, because Krill oil reduce inflammation.

There is now evidence that omega 3 fatty acids might have anti-inflammatory properties and that krill oil may be beneficial in the management of arthritic symptoms as well.(Ierna 2010).
Krill oil supplementation has also been investigated in humans with confirmed cardiovascular disease and arthritis (Deutsch 2007).

These patients had elevated C-reactive protein (CRP) levels, which have been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular events. CRP has been found to be significantly increased in patients with arthritis compared to controls (Spector 1997).
After only 7 days of treatment with krill oil in humans, CRP was significantly reduced by 19% after 30 days it was further reduced by 30%.
WOMAC scores, a measure of joint health, were also significantly improved (reduced) for pain (29%), stiffness (20%) and functional impairment (23%), respectively.