Blood insuline (a hormone regulating blood sugar) and insuline resistance were reduced after Krill oil supplementation. Decreasing insulin resistance may reduce the risk or severity of type-2 diabetes.

Krill oil help in diabetes in many ways:

Lowering LDL – Cholesterol and triglycerides
Increasing HDL Cholesterol
Reducing blood insulin levels
Increasing insulin sensitivity
Decreasing inflammation (CRP, TNF-a)
Decreasing blood pressure
Increasing blood flow
Decreasing platelet aggregation
Protecting eye health

Type 2-diabetes accelerates atherosclerosis and increases the risk for heart disease and sudden heart death.
85% of type 2 diabetes patients die because of heart disease. Krill oil have demonstrated significant cardioprotective effects (including hypertension) via multiple mechanisms.

More recently, Australian researchers described extensive evidence supporting the beneficial effects of Krill oil in improving cardio metabolic risk factors, including plasma lipids, hypertension, insulin resistance,diabetes and obesity.

Ω Krill oil can be a valuable addition to a diabetic diet and might help to decrease the required dosage for external insulin.