Antarctic Krill

The unique properties of krill and the oil extracted from it depend on the ecosystem in which it lives, what it feeds on, and how it is harvested.
Harvested in Antarctica, extracted in the US,
encapsulated and stored in Europe.

Ingredients Ω Krill Oil

Ω Krill soft gels 590mg filled with exclusive new Purified and Concentrated krill oil, allows for 4 EU authorized health claims (EFSA) with a daily recommended intake of just 2 capsules.

The Omega

An important predictor of health and disease is the amount of omega-3 fatty acids incorporated into cells, tissues and organs.

Health benefits

According to the Global Organization for EPA/DHA Omega-3s (GOED), omega-3s are among the most researched nutrients in the world.

Intake – Allergies

For pregnant and lactating women, the recommendation for optimal adult health and infant development is 300mg of EPA and DHA daily, of which 200mg should be DHA.



Health Benefits

OMEGA-3 Index
OMEGA-3 Index
OMEGA-3 Index
OMEGA-3 Index
OMEGA-3 Index
2.0 %
2.8 %
3.3 %
3.8 %
4.5 %

Week 0
Week 2
Week 4
Week 6
Week 8